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Jan. 15, 2014


Jan. 01, 2017

Fountain Of Music (FM)

Feb. 14, 2017

Olumuyiwa O. Komolafe

Fountain Of Music (FM)


Komo Blastic & DJ Sose of rythm 93.7 fm



Owner KB Music Worldwide >>>

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Komo Blastic with DJ Sose of rythm 93.7fm >>>

Olumuyiwa O. Komolafe (Owner KB Music Worldwide)

Olumuyiwa O. Komolafe is the first of nine children born to Professor and Mrs. Komolafe. He hails from Ilesha in Osun State and is a Physics graduate from Usman Dan Fodio University. Komo Balastic is a Singer and Song Writer.

KB Music Worldwide was incorporated 2nd March 2009. WE operate as an Independent Record Label, music and video production, music distribution, marketing and promotions, music publishing,Management, artist management, event organisation and general entertainment transactions.


We are the seed that falls on fertile ground.


Fountain Of Music (FM)

Ellis Pius, popularly known as FM, hails from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. FM was educated at Junior Strides Academy, Oyingbo, Ebutemeta West and Victoria Island Secondary School; through a scholarship from the wife of former President Babangida.